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Here we give you the opportunity to put your CV online. Mail us your CV in word-format and we put it on line.
Your CV will be published under a unique CV number, personal details will be not viewable, only:
  • your unique CV number

  • your current job title

  • your country of residence

  • your spoken languages

  • your availability

  • your countries of interest to work

  • content of your CV without personal details

  • Agencies, vendors, operators and all other employers in the telecom industry have the opportunity to request your personal details if their interested to contact you for an open position.
    We will always ask your permission by email before sending your personal details to a third party.
    After submission your CV and details, it will be published online within 48 hours.
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    Consultants also have the opportunity to apply on open positions, offered on the employers page.
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